EZE Loader II Revolver cylinder loader

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The only cap and ball cylinder loader on the market that can be used on all of the percussion cap and Ball revolvers that have a cylinder pin that passed thru the cylinder. WILL NOT WORK ON THE STARR REVOLVER. Works for the 1860 Army, 1851 and 61 Navies, Walker, Dragoons, Pocket models, Pietta Colt style Pepperbox, 1873 percussion models, Patterson, Dance & Brothers, Leech & Rigdon, Spiller & Burr, Remingtons,( Full size & Pocket Models). Made of solid steel with cylinder pins and brass tips for seating the balls. This press will give you a lifetime of service. Has adjustable depth stop collar so you can seat the ball to the same depth each time. Comes with Allen wrenches and instructions. Will work for 31, 36, 44, 45 calibers. This is the only revolver loading press you will ever need.

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